Project Description

The Admission Commission consists of three people: a researcher or investigator of CREA’s management team, a professor, and a training researcher of CREA.

The members in this Commission serve a two years term, and after that the new Commission, approved by an ordinary CREA meeting, is established.

The Commission is in charge of:

  1. Accepting or rejecting an application within a period of 10 days after its reception.
  2. Reporting the decision to the applicant via email.
  3. Assigning a mentor to the prospective visiting scholar that fits the profile of the work to be developed during the visit at CREA.

Role of the tutor:

The tutor will monitor and facilitate the training to complement the objectives of the visit. The tutor does this as a complementary task to other tasks they have assigned in their faculty. Thus, their support and monitoring is subject to their availability and dedication.