Project Description

A formal application is needed for a research visit at CREA. Please follow the steps indicated below:

Step 1: Send an email ( to the attention of the Director, with the following documentation:

  1. An application letter addressed to the director of the centre exposing the researcher’s motivation to visit CREA.
  2. A summary of the work proposal expected to develop during the visit including: purpose of the visit, specific objectives, duration, work plan, and program that finances the visit, if applicable.

Step 2: Once the Admission Commission receives the email, it will respond confirming or dismissing the admission of the research visit within a period of 10 days. If necessary, the Commission may contact the applicant for clarification of the proposal; if the proposal is not appropriate, more information to evaluate alternatives in relation to the tasks, specific objectives, etc., will be requested. If necessary, the Commission will consult the person in charge of the University of Barcelona. The Commission communicates the assignment of a mentor from the research centre, responsible for monitoring the work the applicant will develop during the visit.

Step 3: Once admitted for a research visit and a tutor, the applicant must complete and sign the Collaboration Agreement and send it back by e-mail. This document will be essential for CREA to confirm the admission of the visit in a formal letter. In some cases, the admission by other authorities of the university may be necessary. In this case, CREA cannot guarantee the processing time for the authorities of the University to answer.