Project Description

Anyone who is interested in deepening into one of the research lines developed at CREA can apply for a research visit. The visiting researchers will not receive any funding or co-funding from CREA. The prospective visiting scholar himself or herself will be responsible for the costs, including external aid that the researcher could get

Previous commitments

  1. CREA provides visiting scholars with training in theoretical, methodological and practical work developed at the research centre.
  2. CREA does not provide any economic resources for this activity. For this reason, the visiting scholars will not receive any funding or maintenance from CREA. Neither infrastructure nor additional material (such as computers, private office, etc.) will be offered.
  3. The applicant must commit to fulfil all the conditions posed by the funding institution of part or the whole amount of the research visit (if applicable).
  4. CREA only acknowledges those activities of the visiting scholar that have been proven to be completed or done under our supervision.