Today December 12, our colleague and friend Rosa Larena has passed away.
Rosa has been a member of CREA since its creation in 1991. Throughout these years she has participated in numerous research projects, with a true interest in education in values and the overcoming of gender violence among young people. Those of us who knew her from the beginning remember that she always stressed that with collective and non hierarchical work achieved the best results and, after many years, the trend of international research corroborates that she was right. Her sentiments brought her back to her family and to her homeland. There she worked as a professor at the University of Valladolid, and where she continued to make scientific contributions both with colleagues from CREA and from the UVA.
We value and we will always value the person, the sentiments, humanity, commitment, solidarity, companionship that represent a person like Rosa Larena and the opportunity to have shared moments of our life with her. She will always be present in our work and our memory.