The xenophobic and islamophobic attacks that Ms. Fatima Taleb, councilor of Badalona’s City Council is suffering expose a very worrying current reality: the increase of xenophobia and racism, islamophobia, racism against Roma, antisemitism, as well as other ways of hatred to cultural or religious diversity. The violent facts towards Badalona’s councilor and citizen expose a startling reality that discriminates and assaults on a daily basis members of cultural, ethnical and religious minorities among others.

For this reason, from the Interreligious Dialogue Group at CREA, Community of Research on Excellence for All:

1)     We state our most energetic and emphatic condemnation towards these violent facts to people like Ms. Fatima Taleb and others who suffer discrimination due to cultural, ethnical or religious reasons among others.

2)    We remind the importance and necessity of sanctioning the attackers.

3)    We appeal to the responsibility of people who from different social structures (politics, academia, mass media, etc.) can contribute to deactivate the prejudice instead of reproducing hatred dynamics and discrimination.

4)    We state our absolute defense of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which among others, reminds that every person has the right to freedom of thought, consciousness and religion.

5)    We offer our absolute support, now and always, to all victims, such as Ms. Fatima Taleb, who have suffered or are suffering discrimination, hatred and/or racism due to their cultural origin or their religious belief among others.

Interreligious Dialogue Group (IDG) – CREA