The research project END-TRAFFICKING Changes and Social Innovations for the Prevention and Reduction of Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation (2015-2017) (Ref. FEM2013-46670-R), has launched a brochure with information about how to prevent sex trafficking of women. The brochure includes some key findings identified in the research project, including an exhaustive review of scientific literature, international and national research projects, a broad review of public policies and social initiatives, and extensive fieldwork carried out in different countries.

The purpose of the brochure is to inform the public about trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, particularly, to understand how sex trafficking works and to identify traffickers, as well as information about the warning signs so that women can detect potential risk situations and protect themselves, together with elements of reflection for society to act actively.

Click below to download the brochure. Share it and contribute to the prevention of sex trafficking of women and girls, a goal for Europe and a global challenge for society.