Erik is for us a real utopia as a sociologist and as a friend, for his intellectual contributions and for his values and feelings. What Michael Burawoy told us about Erik was real. When we met in Barcelona, the four of us were a team work plenty of collaboration and friendship, Erik called us: the Troika. In the Basque country, we worked very hard and enthusiastically with colleagues from the Mondragon Group, but we also have the opportunity to share our stories walking around Bilbao. In Göteborg, we shared a very special friendship in a dinner celebrating with Michael his election as President of ISA, when Erik was about to be president of ASA. In Wisconsin, Erik and his family were wonderful hosting Marta in their home. We like Erik, the friendship we share with other persons, the love for his beloved family. Sociology is lacking intellectuals and persons like Erik among its main representatives. With these real utopian persons is possible to believe and to work for the social real utopies, for a better world.

Your Troika (Ramon, Marta and Tere)