The first scientific editorial highlights this research center of the UB

Springer is currently the world’s first publisher of books and scientific journals. The idea of ​​publishing this work was the then President of the World Association of Sociology, Michael Burawoy, professor of Berkeley. After presenting the CREA in different contexts as a model to be followed by other centers of sociological research, he proposed that this book be written because in addition to the excellent work he did and published, he considered the very operation and way of working of the center very interesting. Finally, Dr. Burawoy made the preface in which he points out CREA’s leadership in sociological research in various fields and also in the transformation of Spanish universities.

The author of the book is the Director of CREA, Marta Soler, Doctor by Harvard and Professor of Sociology. With the title “Achieving Social Impact. Sociology in the Public Sphere “, its four chapters explaining CREA’s role in the non-sexist transformation of Spanish universities or their internal functioning to how they make contributions from research to increasingly democratic, less violent societies and with freer and egalitarian relations.

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