This year we have participated in the Annual AERA Conference with different contributions.

With the slogan “Knowledge to action. Achieving the promise of Equal Educational Opportunity” researchers from CREA have participated in the most important international conference of educational research with the highest scientific level and greater participation in the world.

This year, the conference organized by the American Educational Research Association, was held in San Antonio (Texas) between April 26th and May 1st.

At this occasion, we have presented four papers in different areas of educational research of the conference and in addition, we participated in the symposium: SALEACOM Network: Sharing Knowledge to Improve Global Learning for the Most Youth disadvantaged. GIS-Critical Educators for Social Justice which has had Luis C. Moll at the University of Arizona as chair and Courtney B. Cazden, Harvard University as discussant. As well as the participation of:

Preparing Teachers for Diversity in Culturally and Linguistically Complex Classrooms in Transnational Contexts. Arnetha F. Ball, Stanford University

Culturally Responsive Leadership in New Zealand Primary Schools: Above and Beyond the National Curriculum. Lorri Michelle Johnson Santamaria, The University of Auckland Initial Teacher Education for High-Poverty Schools: A National Australian Teacher Education Program. Bruce Munro Burnett, Queensland University of Technology; Jo Lampert, Queensland University of Technology

Learning Communities: Successful Educational Actions Improving AfroBrazilian Children’s Identities. Fabiana Marini Braga, Federal University of São Carlos; Roseli Rodrigue de Mello, University of Sao Carlos; Francisca de Lima Constantino, Universidade Federal de São Carlos Turning Difficulties Into Opportunities: Learning Communities and Successful Educational Actions With Roma Children. Rocio Garcia Carrion, University of Deusto; Oriol Rios, Universitat Rovira i Virgili; Carme Garcia Yeste, Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

As every year it has been a success occasion that has enabled us to strengthen the lines of work on educational research at International level, and to discuss and share spaces with colleagues from universities around the world.