The group of Jewish studies is part of CREA and is the most recently created group after CEG and the Group of Muslim Studies Alhiwar. Like in the other groups, there are Jewish and non-Jewish persons in it. The diversity of identities and the interdisciplinarity is seen as a form of enrichment and as a means to promote an exchange that allows elaborating contributions that really take into account the proposals and realities of the Jewish people.
The start of the CEJ is based on the process of dialogue between the group and the other members of CREA. In this process, we have identified common positions and links of collaboration between the CEJ and different centres and groups:

  1. Between CEG and CEJ: to work on the education about the Holocaust.
  2. Between the Group of Arab-Muslim Studies Alhiwar and the CEJ: to work on the interreligious dialogue (Judaism and Islam) and/or the conflict Arab-Israeli (among Jewish, Muslims and Israelis).
  • Education about the Shoah (Holocaust)
  • New antisemitism or new judeophobia.
  • Judeophobic prejudice and anti-Jewish stereotypes.
  • New approach about the Israeli reality.
  • Creation of spaces of dialogue.
  • Intervention about the Jewish culture.
  • To identify the stereotypes of the image that there is about Jewish people.
  • To analyse new antisemitism.
  • To analyse the Shoah/Holocaust, and especially to introduce it in the educational domain.
  • To elaborate proposals to combat judeophobia.
  • To indicate the positive contributions of the Jewish community.
  • To give visibility to the community so that people can participation in the pulic space from their Jewish identity.
  • To create and promote spaces for dialogue, especially among people of different cultures and religions.
  • Jewish woman and gender: to identify the image that exists about the Jewish woman, and the barriers she faces, her claims, proposals and the actions that transform these barriers.