Breaking the silence at the Spanish Universities. Findings from the First Study of Violence Against Women on Campuses in Spain.

Scientific article of the pioneering research on gender violence in Spanish Universities, published in the first international scientific journal of the ranking on JCR-WoS. Currently the most read (18-01-2017).

Resistance to and Transformations of Gender-Based Violence in Spanish Universities: A Communicative Evaluation of Social Impact

Scientific article recently published in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, top in mixed research methods, on the fight for victims of gender violence in universities, and the indispensable people who have supported them, which have led to the current change that are living Spanish universities.

Second Order of Sexual Harassment – SOSH.

Scientific article that gathers the contributions to understand the harassment suffered by the people who support gender violence victims and the keys to overcome it, building a safe environment for the reporting and protection of both first and second order victims.