On September 21st and 22nd, 2017, CREA attended the 14th Human Trafficking & Social Justice Conference held in Ohio, USA. This annual conference brings together hundreds of attendees, researchers from more than 16 countries, civil society entities, sex trafficking survivors, defenders of human rights and anti human trafficking movements.

CREA presented the results of the TRATA project, Life trajectories that move away or bring closer to the trafficking processes of sexual exploitation (funded by the Women’s Institute, Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, 2013-2015), led by Dr. Lídia Puigvert. It was the first time that a Spanish research group participated at this conference. One of the main impacts of the TRATA project consisted in making visible the life trajectories of young Moroccan women victims of sex trafficking in Spain, a group of victims highly invisible and ignored before this research was conducted. The audience appreciated the results presented, especially members of international NGOs and representatives of entities working for the eradication of human trafficking in countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.

Finally, at the conference the Social Impact Open Repository (SIOR) was also presented, generating a very positive and innovative dialogue on the social impact of research in the field of human trafficking.