Members of CREA community are satisfied to announce that our director, Marta Soler, is officially Full Professor at the University of Barcelona. During the defense the 26th of June, we listened to how she started her Ph.D. training at Harvard University thanks to the motivation she found at the CREA research center, lead at the time by Dr. Ramón Flecha, who encouraged her to get trained at the world’s best university.

Once there, she had the opportunity to establish an academic career in a high scientific and ethic level atmosphere. Many chose to stay and develop a career in that ideal context, but Marta decided that if she came back, it was with the aim of contributing, together with other people at different universities, increasing the scientific and ethic level of our universities. And so she did, as we have been able to confirm ever since she took on, ten years ago, the leadership of our center, and according to the announced lines of the future, she will continue to do so.