Unlike most journalists who are acting very professionally and ethically informing about the fight of the victims against gender violence in universities, the 13th of June, 2016 a small part spread some lies against CREA, achieving to finish completely the massive campaign against the reincorporation of professor JdM to the University of Barcelona, which at that moment was being carried out by the students requesting his expulsion from the Universitat de Barcelona. The campaignpromoted from Change.org and led by the Socio-economic Assembly UB under the motto “Your indifference is complicity. We do not allow sexual harassment in the university”, got a thousand signatures in only three days (surpassing them later). That day the university’s sexual harassment was ostentatiously celebrated, while the victims of violence against women of our universities were revictimized. Previously, in 2014, a campaign had already been carried out by the students to ask for the expulsion of the  professor of the University of Barcelona.

In order to achieve that goal, any lie worked. Some media spread the attacks of a man who explained in detail what he had lived as a member of CREA and not only has he never been a member but most of us do not even know him. A university professor that we expelled from CREA because he did a big forgery in the sample of an article found that same day the opportunity to take revenge by launching all sorts of lies.

CREA’s director called a press conference the 13th of June 2016, to clear up how CREA members were being targets of a harassment campaign due to their public positioning against gender violence, some journalists informed about this fact in their media, others voiced harassers. The defamation suffered by CREA members can be consulted above, a chronology from 1991 until today about the most meaningful facts of CREA’s positioning against gender violence in Spanish Universities, and the solidarity of members of both the International scientific community and the associations, collectives, networks, family members, CREA’s former members, professionals, etc.