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Project Description

Here you can consult the list of European projects were we participated: in 11 of them as coordinators and in 19 as partners:


Coordination of European Projects

Enlarge SEAs. Erasmus + 2019 Spain (2019-2020)
Social transformation trough Educational Policies based on Sucessful Educational Actions. Erasmus + 2016 Spain (2016-2019)
seas SEAS. Schools as Learning Communities in Europe: Successful Educational Actions for all (SEAS4ALL). ERASMUS + 2015 Spain (2015- 2017)
bell BELL. Benefits of Lifelong Learning. European Commission’s Action Plan on adult learning (2011- 2013)

Youth4Youth: Empowering Young People in Preventing Gender-based Violence through Peer Education’, DAPHNE III” (2007-2013). European Commission.
youtrain YOUTRAIN. New Challenges of Youth Training in the Knowledge Society. DG Education & Culture. European Commission.(2004-2006)
ALNET. Dialogic Numeracy on the NET. Socrates Programme. Minerva. ODL. DG XXII. European Commission. (2001-2003).
Transforming social exclusion connected with local associations into non-discriminatory participation. DG. V (Directorate-General Employment and Social Affairs). Programmes & Actions in the social & employment sectors. European Commission. (2001-2002).
Distance 2: European Guide for information dissemination in Adult Education. Socrates Programme. ODL. DG XXII. European Commission. (1999-2000).
mar MAR. Women and Modern and Contemporary Art in Adult Education Centres. Socrates Program. Adult. DG XXII. European Commission. (1998-2000).
ARSCALÓ. Vocational training for woman of minority groups. Tools for the recuperation and transmission of traditional occupations. Leonardo da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (1999-2001).
INVOC-TRAIN. New methodologies of learning and teaching in basic vocational training and remedial education for low-qualified young workers and school drop-outs. Leonardo da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (1998-2001)
GYPSY PROFILES. Professional profiles in the information society and fight against exclusion. Leonardo da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (1998-2001).
European Guide on the Dissemination Channels of information on Adult Education. Socrates Programme. ADU. DG XXII. European Commission. (1998-1999).
CALO: Self-employment ethnic minorities. Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (1997-2000).
DISTANCE 1. Adult Distance Education: Internet Distance Courses from Adult Education Centres. SOCRATES Programme. ODL. DG XXII. European Commission. (1998-1999).


Projects were we have been partners

Active Strategies for Prevention and Handling Sexual Harassment Incidents. KA2. Erasmus+ European Commission. (2019-2022). Coordination: Cyprus Academy of Public Administration.
Learning communities for peace (LCP). Erasmus+ European Commission. (2016-2019). Coordination: University of Gothenburg.
equied Equal access for all: strengthening the social dimension for a stronger European higher education area. Tempus Programme. European Commission. 516851-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-RS-TEMPUS-SMGR)
esrale European Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education. Lifelong Learning Programme. European Commission.540117-LLP-1-2013-1-DE-ERASMUS-EQMC.
cedefop Learning for career and labour market transitions – individual biographies. CEDEFOP (2011-2013).
emae EMAE. European Master on Adult Education. Curriculum Development Project Erasmus. European Commission. Coordination: University of Duisburg-Essen. (2004-2007).
flexi FLEXI-PATH. Flexible professionalisation pathways for adult educator between the 6th and 7th level of EQF. Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. Education and Culture DG. European Commission. (2008-2010)
vinepac VINEPAC. Validation of informal and non-formal psycho-pedagogical competencies of adult educators. Leonardo da Vinci. European Commission. (2006-2008)
ramoin ROMA-IN. Policies on Roma’s social inclusion in Europe: towards succeeding in social intervention. Coordination: Direcció General d’Actuacions Comunitàries i Cíviques. Departament de Benestar i Família. Generalitat de Catalunya
Programme Social Protection and Social Integration. Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG. European Commission (2005-2007).
mediterranean INTI PROGRAMME Young Migrant Women in Secondary Education – Promoting integration and mutual understanding trough dialogue and Exchange. European Commission European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals. Coordinators: Mediterranean Institute Gender Studies (MIGS). (2009-2011).
inti Integration of female migrant domestic workers. Strategies for employment and civic participation. INTI Preparatory actions 2005. European Commission. Coordinators: Mediterranian Institute of Gender Studies. (2006-2008).
acced ACCED. Continuing Education Designed for Counsellors Working in Adult Education. Coordination: IREA Romanian Institute for Adult Education. Grundtvig 1. Socrates programme. European Commission. (2005-2007).
emma European Network for Motivational Mathematics for Adults. Coordination: Vox (Nasjonalt center for laering i arbeidslivet). Grundtvig Network. Socrates Programme. European Commission (2005-2007).
Promoting Reflective Independent Learning in HE: PRILHE.Coordination: University of Warwick, (Regne Unit). Socrates Programme.DG XXII. European Commission. (2004-2006).
Managing Quality of Adult Education in Europe. Coordination: Latvia Adult Education Association (Letònia). Leonardo da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (2004-2006).
managing Widening and strengthening the European dimension of the Lifelong Learning Week Movement. Coordination: SIAE. Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (Slovenia). Socrates Programme. Grundtvig. DG XXII. European Commission. (2002-2004).
LIHE: Learning in HE: Improving practice for non-traditional adult students. Coordination: Department of Continuing Education. Warwick University (Regne Unit). Socrates Program. Grundtvig 1. European Cooperation Projects. (2002-2004).
DPPC: The development of Psychopedagogical and Professional Counselling Services. Coordination: Institutul Roman de Educatia Adultilor (IREA) (Timisoara – Romania). Socrates Programme. Grundtvig. DG XXII. European Commission. (2002-2004).
Pathways: Supporting the development of new learning for adults. Coordination: ERDI- Consortium of European Research and Development Institutes of Adult Education. Community Socrates Programme (Council Decision 253/2000/EC of 24 of January 2000). (2001-2003).
EUROframe. Framework for Continuing Professional development for VET professionals. Coordination: Institut Technik und Bildung (ITB), Bremen Universität (Alemanya). Leonardo da Vinci Programme. DG XXII. European Commission. (1999-2000).
CONVOTRAIN. Training model for continuing vocational training operators. Coordination: PROTEO, Promozione Tecnologie Esperienze Organizzazione Lombardia (Itàlia). Leonardo da Vinci Programme. Directorate General XXII. European Commission. (1998-2000).
APEL. Social Inclusion Through APEL. The learner’s perspective. Coordination: Glasgow Caledonian University (Escòcia). Socrates Programme. Adult. DG XXII. European comission. (1996-1999).
From takers to creators of jobs. Coordination: Bodø Regional College – HIBO, (Noruega). Socrates Programme. ODL. DG XXII. European Commission. (1996-1998).EXCEL: an open and distance learning programme for men and women returnees with management experience as volunteers. Coordination: Ergon K.E.K. (Grècia). (1995-1997)