The group was constituted in the year 2000. The priority research lines established are the following:

    1. Equality of Arab woman from their own identity. The role of women is essential in the social transformation for cultural and gender equality. Arab women find themselves traditionally doubly discriminated against (by reason of gender and ethnic background), therefore solutions are sought to overcome these inequalities. Some associations of Arab women play an important role in this transformation and this fact is present in the research.
    2. Migration processes. Migration processes currently acquire great relevance. However, the configuration of a multicultural society although it offers great benefits, is observed with mistrust. In this sense, through the rigorous analysis of the present situation, we intend to promote an intervention that can contribute to eradicate racism and in the construction of a society with more solidarity with the diversity of cultures.


    1. To promote the participation of the Arab community to overcome exclusion. Analysis of the most successful forms of citizen participation in different domains (education, work, human rights, politics, etc.). The goal is to promote the inclusion of the Arab community to construct a more plural and democratic society, in continuous relation with the social and cultural movements to achieve social utility of the investigation.
    2. Creation of networks and spaces of debate. To promote the creation of spaces of dialogue and reflection through the exchange of experiences and perspectives of the different associations, entities and or research centres.

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