Guiomar Merodio is visiting scholar with Dr. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz who directs the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research and leads competitive research projects funded by federal and state grants.  Dr. Roe-Sepowitz developes intervention programs for preventing and overcoming sex trafficking in collaboration with institutions and stakeholders from the State of Arizona and Nevada, as well as with civil society organizations.

The goal of the STIR office is to be a central source of research on sex trafficking which will inform the decisions made by those professionals involved in the anti-trafficking movement.

Research disseminated from the STIR office has and will continue to significantly contribute to the knowledge base about sex trafficking by introducing innovative research methodologies and unique partnerships in the development of new knowledge. Dr. Roe-Sepowitz is a Founding Board Member of the National Research Consortium on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of United States and editorial board member of the prestigious international journal The Journal of Violence Against Women, indexed in the JCR database and first international journal on gender violence studies.