There have been a lot of things said about SAFO but few of them have been proven. What have been proved of the Greek poet is that:

  • Safo was not only a relevant personality in the intellectual life of Greece in the 7th century B.C but she also founded one of the first girls’ schools that are known.
  • Safo broke down stereotypes: she did not accept to be framed in one of both sides of patriarchal double standards, and she was able to fit her cultural activity with an intense love life beyond the limits that society tried to impose.
  • Her poems contributed to the creation of a lyrics focused on the feelings, freeing literature from the total masculine domination revolving around the epic that considered violent men as heroes.

We want to walk the path that Safo and other women opened up confronting the barriers of their time. As them, we also want to open new ways for future women.

In the year 1999 the SAFO CREA-Women’s group was created as a result of a long previous career of different people in CREA who had worked on research and publications on gender issues. For instance, Rosa Valls had already shown her involvement with the fight against gender inequalities with her participation in the I Women’s Conferences that took place in Barcelona in 1976. Promoting paragraphs constitute the key body from your essay researchpaperstar.