Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, international researcher on sex trafficking, visits CREA

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[:en] Dr. Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Associate Professor of Social Work at Arizona State University (ASU) and director of the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research Center at ASU, had visited CREA with the purpose of knowing the scientific contributions developed by CREA related to preventive socialization of gender violence, sex trafficking and the social impact of [...]

Marta Soler, Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona

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[:en]Members of CREA community are satisfied to announce that our director, Marta Soler, is officially Full Professor at the University of Barcelona. During the defense the 26th of June, we listened to how she started her Ph.D. training at Harvard University thanks to the motivation she found at the CREA research center, lead at the time [...]