GEA delegates in Spain

Dr. Lidia Puigvert is Professor of Sociology at the University of  Barcelona. She has discussed and published with Judith Butler on the challenges related to the possibility to promote the inclusion of the diverse situations and identities experienced by women within feminism, and she has written about Dialogic Feminism and the contributions of “the other women” to the feminist movement. One of her publications is Gender Violence Amongst Teenagers: Socialization and Prevention, Violence Against Women, Volume 14 (7), 759.

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Dr. Esther Oliver is Ramon y Cajal Researcher at the Sociological Theory Department of the University of Barcelona. She developed a postdoctoral research on Gender based Violence at Universities (2006-2008) at the University of Warwick, funded by the Beatriu de Pinós Programme (Generalitat de Catalunya) and one of her publications is a co-authored article: Opening schools to all (women): efforts to overcome gender violence in Spain, British Journal of Sociology of Education, Volume 30 Issue 2, 207

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The both of them are members of the SAFO CREA Women’s Group (constituted in 1999), which has had a great impact on research and publications on gender issues through the work of all their members, as well as through their collaborations with other women’s groups to overcome sexism in organisations and in society in general.

The main lines of research of this group are:

–         Gender violence: including our research work on preventive socialisation of violence against women and on gender violence at universities.

–         Other women and women and interculturalism.

–         Overcoming the hegemonic mode of masculinity.


As representatives of GEA in Spain, we are very interested in publicise this Association in Spain and amongst Spanish speakers. In that sense, we have defined a list of activities to answer to this aim:

–         Organisation or participation in events related with gender and education where GEA can be explained or where information of its activities can be disseminated.

–         Dissemination of GEA to colleagues of other Spanish universities working on gender issues.

–         Offering us to answer any question related to the activities of GEA from Spanish speakers colleagues.

–         Dissemination of GEA in organisations and associations working with gender issues in the academic field or at the grassroots level.

  • Ex. At the academic field. AMIT (Association of Women Researchers): working at the Spanish level to promote full involvement of women in science and technology.
  • Ex. At the grassroot’ movement level. United Platform against Gender Violence. This platform was constituted to join different people and organisations working from different perspectives in Catalunya to combat violence against women in our societies.